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simplified mine instruments

Specializing in advising and providing ground movement monitoring devices for more than 30 years.

Simplified MIne Instruments

Industry Leading Mine Instruments

At Simplified Mine Instruments we strive to provide the best geophysical mine instruments with a specific purpose in mind. Our instruments are used across the globe and make tasks easier and safer.

Simple solutions for complex underground monitoring needs. We are providers of top quality mining instruments specifically suited to assist underground tunneling operations. 

What is SMI Sag Flag?


Explore Our Mine Products

remote readable roof monitor geophysical mine tool

Remote Roof Monitor

Measure rock strata separations or roof sag with confidence.
miners extensomert

Miner's Extensometer

One rod set activates a reflectorized rod when a user defined amount of movement has occurred.
miners borehole camera<br />

Miner's borehole camera

The Miner’s Eye Bore scope camera allows visual inspection of Boreholes as small as 1-5/8″ diameter and up.

miners borehole camera

Sag Flag

Early warning systems and ground control management.

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